Tuchel Reacts to Chelsea 2:1 Victory over Lille despite severe sanctions

Tuchel Reacts to Chelsea 2:1 Victory over Lille despite severe sanctions.

It is increasingly looking more like there is not slowing down for Chelsea when it comes to winning matches and making their fans proud despite the fact that they are serving a very huge sanctions from the Government.

It calls for massive respect.

In this same light, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has taken his time to react after the win yesterday night against Lille and also highlighted on the fact that they are facing sanctions and this will not stop them from winning any of the desired matches they hope to win more matches to this effect.

Speaking to reporters, Tuchel said;

“Chelsea have this kind of culture. What I found from day one is this football-first mentality.

“This culture is already installed and this helps us when times are difficult … I’m just a part of this. I feel good that we can still produce results, I’m very proud … It’s a huge step to be in the last eight right again and we’re excited to be in the draw.”

And the club’s captain, Azpilicueta added, “It has not been a normal last few weeks but we have to deal with what’s in our hands, which is do the best we can. Tonight was a difficult game, but we’re very happy to go through.”

About his goal, he said, “I just put out my leg and it went in off my knee.” 

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