Tuchel is upset about Chelsea request to play FA cup behind closed doors; Gives reasons

Tuchel has appeared to not be very happy over the request from Chelsea to have their FA cup match against Middlesborough be played behind closed doors.

“It was not the very best idea” he lashed out.

The initial request of the blues was that the FA cup be played at the Riverside Stadium without fans after they were banned from selling tickets to their own supporters.

Although Chelsea has sold a total of 600 tickets for the match before last Thursdays government intervention.

Following this request, a huge outrage by the Championship club ensued which made Chelsea to back down in their request.

Tuchel speaking after their Champions league victory over Lille said;

“That was our responsibility, not mine or from the team. Let me put it like this: we love to play in front of spectators and I don’t think spectators from our opponents should suffer from the consequences.

“I think the proposal was withTuchel is upset about Chelsea request to play FA cup behind closed doorsdrawn and it was absolutely the right thing to do because that was from our side and hopefully it was not meant like this. It was not the very best idea, to put it like this. We love to play in front of spectators.

“Me, actually, and the team, were not involved in this decision and I am happy it was withdrawn, very happy.” 

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