Just In: Thomas Tuchel evening ruined as Chelsea FC faces new sanctions by UEFA Champions League

Chelsea FC boss who masterminded the amazing win over Lille on two goals to one with an aggregate of 4 – 1 which have to aid them to push forward to the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.

When speaking with the press in the early hours of tonight after the match against Lille which ended on a 2 -1, the Chelsea FC boss said that his evening has been ruined regarding the latest sanction placed on Chelsea by the UEFA Champions League.

Recall we have explained the new sanction facing the West London club by UEFA Champions League

The sanction includes that’s the West London club, Chelsea FC will not be able to ticket any future UEFA Champions League tickets as long as the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich remains the owner of the club.

The only possible way to do this is if the Russian billionaire will completely sell-off or handover the West London club to new hands which may be any of the serious and potential bidders.

It’s frustrating for the Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel to handle all this and this may draw them back from becoming the next UEFA Champions League Champions this season and also more unbearable sanctions may still come up as we proceed.

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