Ferdinand issues his verdict on Abramovich Chelsea sanctions; Here is what he said

Ferdinand issues his verdict on Abramovich sanctions and Chelsea too; Here is what he said.

As Chelsea is facing these sanctions they have successfully won every match they played as soon as these sanctions began and a lot of fans are delighted by this knowing fully well that they are facing a lot of challenges but still chose to stay at the top.

The Man UTD legendary defender Rio Ferdinand has something to say about these sanctions and how it is affecting Chelsea at the moment also citing that a lot of people are loosing their livelihood as a result of these sanctions.

Here is what Ferdinand said while speaking to BT sports;

“It’s confusing for me. Yes, the government and EU want to put sanctions on Roman Abramovich.

“But, then for the whole club to suffer, all the people that work behind the scenes, a football club isn’t about one person. It’s about everyone who is a part of the machine that wants to move forward and everyone’s being punished now.

“There’s people with their livelihoods at stake now, they’re walking around the club not sure what’s going to happen now. What I don’t understand is, you’re bringing all these new rules and sanctions to the table, very quickly, whereas if you shift it the other way and say ‘carry on as normal’, ring fence the finances so they sit there, and then at a later date decide what to do with them.

“That way, people are still working and the club is still functioning, because at the end of the day, it’s just one person they’re looking to make these sanctions for, not the whole workforce.” 


  1. UK government must stop mixing football and politique, is pity to see how there’s conspiracy from British government, it seems like chelsea fc was Russia team brought in England shame.

  2. Am not surprised at all that this is happening to Chelsea,the UK government are very wicked and bayals,if it were to be othe club they Will not sanction them but now that’s Chelsea they most do it,well with your sanction the club still leaves but remember that God is seeing you, Chelsea is not a Russian club.

  3. UK government were coward. Let them go and face Putin. Abramovic is not politician. The UK gov, robbed African to built there country and now they don’t have anything in their store room anymore so they frozen Abramovic property to used building the country again, what a shame. Hahahaha 😆😆

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