Tuchel finally opens up on what he wants from the next Chelsea owners

It will be stupid to deny not knowing that a takeover will happen at Chelsea quite sooner than we expected and this is going to be a total overhaul at Chelsea as we know it.

In this light, Tuchel has taken his time to explain what he wants from the next Chelsea owners of course no one knows who they are for now but whoever it is, Tuchel has some demands to make and they are stated below;

When asked id Saudi Arabian ownership mean he need to continue with his role at the club and this resulted in more non football related questions and here is his reply;

Yeah, but before we discuss a new owner a new owner needs to arrive.

“And a new owner needs to be approved and a new owner needs to be allowed to own the football club, and then we can discuss it, if it’s necessary.

“But then again, maybe I’m not the right person because there is a process about how you become an owner in this league.

“And, of course, like I said to you after the last game, everybody relies on the reliability of the process and on the values which are behind the decision and the permission to own a club and to run a club.

“Did I have a choice [to become an ambassador for Chelsea]? No, I did not have a choice to also take this role. Do I need it? No.

“But listen, it’s more or less day-by-day. It’s like this in England that not a lot of people in general in sports are talking at a football club. It’s a structure that I really appreciate, we talk inside. Of course we have people who are in charge of different roles and different responsibilities.

“But to the outside it’s more or less just me who talks. Was it always comfortable? No. But I think it’s necessary.

“I don’t think too much about it. I try to be honest and I try to give you an insight and I try to provide you with information, but more or less still from a sporting side, and from a coach’s heart.

“This is what I try and this is maybe what you can rely on. And I’m more than happy if things calm down and we can talk more about football – more than happy.” 

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