Messi Barcelona return; Messi finally takes decision about leaving PSG for Barcelona

It is not a good start for Messi at PSG but he is doing his best to stay in the right stance.

This is coming after the PSG fans booed him and Neymar ahead of their match which saw his wife appear teary before the match as she watched Messi get booed.

This event has prompted Messi to make his decision about going back to Barcelona.

Although Messi has been linked with a move back to Barcelona, but this may be a different issue as he clars his stance.

Messis reaction

Messi is determined to lift the Ligue 1 cup with PSG and also very determined to make sure his move to France is a success.

Also added to this, Messi intends to fulfill his two years deal wit PSG starting from last year when he joined PSG from Barcelona.

It is evident to say that Messi understands the anger of the fans and also eulogizes their disappointment after a performance of sort against Real Madrid, where PSG dominated their opponents, beating them for 75% of the two legged draw.

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