Lionel Messi and Ronaldo are out of the UEFA Champions League

The two world best players decides to leave their clubs to a new league with the mindset to continue their normal competition but reverse was the case here as the two were kicked out if the Champions League again.

At the beginning of the season, the two world best were still on their elite level but was totally clear that none if them will be making it fi the finals stage or maintaining their previous title.

With what we saw, Ronaldo’s case is far more better than Lionel Messi because the Manchester striker still played his way out even with their defeat yesterday against ATM.

In few years to come, we won’t be seeing the two G.O.A.T dominate the world of football.

Thou the World Cup May still be their final hope to prove themselves again to the world.

It’s sad to say that this the second time the two world best payers are out of the UEFA Champions League.

Would they be able to regain their already lost glory?

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