Middlesbrough refuses Chelsea request to play FA Cup quarter finals in closed door

Chelsea has sent a plea to allow them play the FA cup quarter finals in closed doors but Middlesbrough has refused this request just a few hours after it was made.

This is a request Chelsea made as a result of the fact that they can no ;longer sell tickets and the only ones allowed to keep coming for matches are the ones who bought the full seasons tickets and they are now asking of this match can be played behind closed doors on the grounds of integrity but as per reports from Mirror UK, Middlesbrough has said no.

Middlesbrough in a statement said;

We are aware of Chelsea’s request to have Saturday’s Emirates FA Cup sixth round tie played behind closed doors and find their suggestion both bizarre and without any merit whatsoever,”

“All concerned are well aware of the reasons Chelsea have been sanctioned and that this has nothing to do with Middlesbrough Football Club. To suggest as result that MFC and our fans should be penalized is not only grossly unfair but without any foundation.

Now what did the FA say?

An FA spokesperson has said that they will look into this matter at the professional game board meeting on March 16th, as far as Chelsea request is concerned.

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