Here is why Chelsea will keep wearing the 3 UK Logo on Match-Day Shirts

Here is why Chelsea will keep wearing the 3 UK Logo on Match-Day Shirts.

Despite the fact that the Chelsea UK Shirt sponsor 3 has declared their interest in terminating their deal with the club, it may be very difficult for that to come into effect so to speak Chelsea removing the 3 logo from their Match day shirts, and here is why.

As per our previous posts that said Chelsea was handed a license that allowed them continue their fixture requirements despite the sanction s on Abramovich and the clubs accounts being frozen.

A lot of things that bring money into the club was stopped alongside sales of merchandise, ticket sales and a whole lot of other things.

This means that Chelsea cannot print new kits due to operational restrictions as a result of the sanctions and freezing of their accounts as per The Athletic.

In the last two matches Chelsea played after these sanctions started they wore the 3 printed in their jersey and it has been evident they will do so too in the UCL match against Lille.

We are just looking and anticipating what the future could hold for Chelsea and their partners, precisely 3 as a takeover will most likely come sooner.

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