Man UTD Manager finally Opens up on Man UTD top four Hopes; Here is what he said

Although Man UTD players, fans and Coach is looking forward to getting into the to four this season at the end of the EPL to allow them go for the Champions league next season and not loose some kind of players who deem themselves only worthy of a league like the Champions league.

It is also inherent to note that they have a very big obstacle and that fairly much is Arsenal and they still have three outstanding matches of which are tough but they may be a big issue with Man UTD getting into the top four.

And quite frankly we can all see how serious they are and also how inform their team is so it will be stupid to assume we do not see all these things but in the end we hope things work out.

Meanwhile, Man UTD manager has spoken about this top four rave with Arsenal and he made some quite remarkable points when he spoke and it i…

Raingnick speaking about Arsenal

“In three weeks we have the next Premier League game against Leicester at home and we will still try to push and do everything to win our next games in the Premier League.

“We are fully aware that we should not be dropping points anymore in any of the games.

“Right now Arsenal are in good shape, they won again yesterday at home against Leicester.

“So for us it’s clear we need to look after ourselves and make sure that we win all the next upcoming games in the Premier League.

“But tomorrow it’s a different competition, it’s Champions League, and as I said I think everybody in the squad, everybody in the staff, are highly motivated and we cannot wait for the kick-off tomorrow.” 

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