Pogba finally opens up on Ronaldo being the problem at Man UTD; Here is what he said

Pogba finally opens up on Ronaldo being the problem at Man UTD; Here is what he said.

For a while now there has been this speculation that Ronaldo is the problem at Man UTD given the fact that he is older and also he doesn’t mark ball in games and this speculation has gotten wide spread attention and everyone literally thinks this may be true in some way.

Then Ronaldo yesterday against Tottenham scored a hat trick to prove these assertions are wrong and quite frankly he wasn’t the only one who thinks that way.

Paul Pogba also stated that this ma cannot just be the problem. It is worthy to note that the two goals Tottenham scored were as a result of massive defensive errors i which Maguire sealed the deal with the worst kind of own goal possible.

Here is what Paul Pogba said about Ronaldo being the problem at Man UTD

While speaking with BBC sports, Pogba said; “We hurt them [Tottenham] at the right times and Ronaldo did what he does best. He has never been a problem. You have the best striker in history in our team, he cannot be a problem. Today the performance of him and all the team was very brilliant,”

In his post match conference he also reaffirmed that same stance when he said;

“Everybody knows Cristiano – there is no need to talk about him. That is what he does. He didn’t play in the last game, but he comes back and scores three goals. Everybody’s happy.” 


  1. Ronaldo for the past games he has been a nuisance but if he can play the remaining games like he did against Tottenham then we will be at a better position to remain in top 3

    • You’re not on the of peace o. You hope he doesn’t continue like that but we hope he does.

      Besides he has always been perfect just that man Utd teammates are not making the job easier at all.

      There was no Fernandes yesterday and man utd won effortlessly because there was no selfish play.

      Ronaldo is on one of the best forms for any forward at the moment.

  2. We have too many selfish and lazy players in our team; United. eg RASHFORD (lazy), Shaw (gone back to his poor form during Morinho era), Fernandez (selfish), Wanbissaka (lost form), Pogba (reckless most times, inconsitent), Maguire (lost form, confused, not coordinated, lacks leadership quality. …) Fred (so flexible), Mactommy (in accurate in passes sometimes)…… Ronaldo (good and experienced player but age is counting he cant do much if not fed with the ball by his team mates). I am one of those who thinks Ranaldo is one of our problem but he has shown that he can still do it if his team mates will help him. United need total overhauling.

    I love Manchester united Football Club.

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