Here is what Man UTD players must do about Roy Keanes criticism; As Per Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand has told the Man UTD players what they must do in order to avert the Criticism from Roy Keane.

In a very long address he made the points clear and advised Man UTD players to do these exact things and act on it that way the criticism from Roy Keane will not be getting to them that much.

Roy Keane has been very active to criticize Man UTD if they made any mistake and this was very evident during the Manchester derby last week.

Here is what Ferdinand advised Man UTD players to do

In quote, Ferdinand told the Man UTD players to channel this energy and Criticism into positive energy and channel the same energy against Atletico Madrid in their Champions league meeting this week.

Speaking to Mirror football, Ferdinand said;

“I think their heads did drop (against Man City) and the confidence is low.

“If the players were honest they would hold their hands up and say ‘yeah, to a point that did happen’.

“I’m more interested in the response to that defeat, how will these players respond?

“This is a great game now against Atletico Madrid to be able to respond to that criticism and I think this is a huge opportunity to get into the next round of the Champions League, to get some confidence and build momentum for the remainder of the season.

“I think it is all about how you respond in these situation – we have all played and had criticism leveled at us, but the question is about what are you going to do next.

“What are you going to do in your changing room to change the way people are seeing not only you, but your team.

“That is what Ralf Rangnick and all the Man United fans will want to see.”

“It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand that the landscape at the football club is very different now,” Ferdinand added.

“The personnel has changed from the bottom to the top and it is a different place.

“I hate doing comparisons as it is not fair on the people who are the club now – it is a different time in football in general.

“But these players have just got to role their sleeves up, there is no substitute for hard work – not only in the 90 minutes, but in all aspects of their training and their lives.

“They need to put their heart and souls into putting United back into a better place.

“First and foremost that comes with graft, hard work and application, along with an understanding of the situation – to meet the challenge head on and do not be scared of it.

“Those are the basics at Man United.” 

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