Here is what Ferdinand thinks Man UTD will be without Ronaldo; Definitely not a better team

It is easy to assume Ronaldo is not the problem that United are facing right now although many people believe he is but he definitely is not the problem.

This turn around is coming after the performance the 37 years old put up yesterday to glaring eyes of the fans, pundits and also analysts and Rio Ferdinand has taken his time to answer the difficult but straight question of will Man UTD be a better team without Ronaldo.

And his response were quite true and direct.

While speaking to Mirror Football Ferdinand said;

“Without Cristiano Ronaldo, Man United would not still be in the Champions League.

“Are United a stronger team without him? I cannot agree with that at all.

“If he is not playing with Man United then they would have gone out in the group stage.

“A player with his ability and his talent, who is as decisive as he is, who has shown it over the years and this season that he can make the difference.

“Man United are not a team who are in the position to think, ‘ok, we are too good to have someone like that in our team’.” 


  1. Ronaldo has never been a problem to the team.the problem is that there are other players who are over ambitious and at a time the team can’t provide to their being so therefore they have lost the culture of team spirit.look when Ronaldo was being demanded by Madrid he didn’t lose his team spirit because he was on amove

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