EPL: Klopp questions Abramovich source of income; Said it is their fault

Klopp who is the head man at Liverpool has questioned the source of Abramovich income saying the fault is theirs.

Recently a sanction was placed on Chelsea as as result of the war going on in Ukraine by Russian invasion and how close the Chelsea owner and Russian president Vladmir Putin are, Chelsea has been under a lot of pressure recently which has made almost everyone to speak out and also the players and all that.

The Liverpool manager has spoken about this issue before and also he has taken his time to speak again and this is the problem when he spoke;

While Klopp was addressing reporters he made the comments;

“I don’t think it is really fair to ask me. You are much longer in this country. Did you care, really? Did anyone really care when Roman Abramovich came to Chelsea?” 

“Did anyone really care when Newcastle got taken over? Do supporters really care? It is a question.

“It is pretty obvious where the money is coming from. Everyone knew it, but we accepted it. That’s our fault. It is society’s fault, so we accepted it.

“Now we cannot accept it anymore and so we punish them, it is not Chelsea’s fault. Not at all.” 

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