Chelsea FC set to redo Mateo Kavacic transfer with £30 deal just after UK government sanction Abramovich

Considering the sanction on Roman Abramovich by the UK government, the club is currently unable to negotiate a new transfer deal amid the crisis facing the West London club.

The Chelsea FC boss was sanctioned by the United Kingdom Government for a long-term relationship with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the man leading the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian billionaire has already denied his long-term relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, regardless of the UK government sanctioning the Chelsea FC boss.

The sanction by the UK government made the club unable to sell their match ticket or merchandise also restricted the transfer or signing of new players.

The current Chelsea situation affected some of the Chelsea key players like Antonio Rudiger, Cesar Azpilucueta, and Andreas Christensen who have showed interest in leaving the club probably in the summer.

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