Chelsea should not be sold as a fire sale; mayor of London, Sadiq Khan tells UK Government

Chelsea should not be sold as a fire sale; mayor of London, Sadiq Khan tells UK Government.

Chelsea should not be sold as a “fire sale” the mayor of London has told the UK government that this Chelsea sale should not be as a fire sale.

As a result of the sanctions leveled on Chelsea, it is imminent that Chelsea gets sold and a new owner should take place to ensure everything is still in place.

He also told the UK Government to differentiate Chelsea and what is Happening in the Ukraine.

In an interview with PA news agency, the mayor of London Khan said

“I think Chelsea are a great Premier League club, they are the champions of Europe, the world club champions.

“They were a great club before the current owner and they will be a great club after the current owner.

“It is important to distinguish Chelsea and what is happening in Ukraine because the reality is for too long Russian oligarchs close to Putin had been using homes in London, businesses in London, to launder money.

“I think it is right that the Government is now taking sanctions and seizing assets of those Russian oligarchs close to Putin.”

“The Government will do what it can to support Chelsea in relation to future fixtures, in relation to continuing to be a viable club in the Premier League.

“What is also important though is we don’t allow a situation where any asset which may be owned by a Russian oligarch close to Putin is sold off in a fire sale.” 

These were his statements, hat do you think

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