Putin is behind Chelsea Problem; Here is what Klopp Thinks of the Current Chelsea Predicament

Putin is behind Chelsea Problem; Here is what Klopp Thinks of the Current Chelsea Predicament.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has cleared the air and made his opinion known about the current situation at Chelsea in the past few weeks.

No employee at Chelsea should be blamed he was quoted saying as he addressed the media on Friday following the assets freezing of the Abramovich by the UK Government which has rendered the Blues not able to sell any tickets, sell merchandise or at most sign a new player or even offer contracts to their players whose contracts expire sooner.

Here is what Klipp said about Chelsea;

“I feel for him (Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel) and the players. It’s not a situation all the employees at Chelsea are responsible for,” he said.

“One man is and that’s Putin. I don’t know about Roman Abramovich’s role in all this, but you can say he is close. I think what the Government did is right.” 


  1. Klopp you are mad, is it Putin that owns Chelsea, the owner of the club have put the club on sales, why can’t Uk government wait, & you here saying rubbish that what they is right
    Absolutely nonsense

  2. Putin is not a Chelsea boss…and employees are not the reason why the war as started.UK government are all racist just because Roman is a Russian.UK government is USELESS.

  3. How chelsea club is involved in ward council between Russia 🇷🇺 and Ukraine 🇺🇦, first of all roma is not one of the Russian government whatever the frendishp with putin, rom is not the one how told Russian to combat ukraine I keep chelsea flag fly high every single day .

  4. That’s so low. Is Abramovich the business man responsible for Putin the politician’s actions? Everyone should only be held responsible for his actions, Putin is no minor for crying out loud. Abramovich is not even part of the men & women who say ayes and nays in Partly.

  5. This whole thing is so absurb…How can UK government be cheating Chelsea , it fans n football in general by proxy.

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