EPL: Chelsea drops by 9 point after Roman Abramovich sanction by the UK government

Chelsea FC face 9 points deduction after the UK government sanctioned the club boss Roman Abramovich and froze all his assets including the traveling ban.

Chelsea FC has been stripped off of some core features including the signing of a new player and transferring of an old player bug they can still operate as a full EPL club.

The blues have been deprived of the right to sell tickets meaning that the season ticket holders will be able to watch any of the Chelsea matches.

Some top sponsors of the West London club will pull out, current their Jersey sponsor THREE has suspended its contract worth over £120m and £600,000 per game.

The sanction by the UK government did not affect their TV broadcast payments and some other prize money attached.

The club license that aids them in operating as an EPL will be valid till the 31st of May though it can be suspended anytime.

The said 9 point deduction will be finalized if the club ends up in administration.


  1. Well what next,why take points from the Blues who have worked very very hard to earn them,this will put them into 8th place,on 44polnts.this is cruel and very unfair.Gerry

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