Chelsea kit sponsorship deal with Nike set to continue amid Roman Abramovich sanction by UK Government

We previously reported that Chelsea FC kit sponsorship is on the verge of getting blocked following the United Kingdom Government sanction on the Russian billionaire regarding his decision to sell the West London club which was triggered by his close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The west London official kit maker previously threaten to end their sponsorship with Chelsea FC.

The 15-years contract between Chelsea FC and their kit “Nike” is set to continue amid the United Kingdom sanction on the club boss.

What we should be looking forward to seeing on the continuation of the sponsorship deal;

  • Nike to remain committed to their long-term deal with the West London club, Chelsea FC.
  • A 15 year, £900m kit deal with Nike sighed in 2016 continues.


    • We hope Raine group buys them before next week and all these will be restored as soon as possible. Thats the only hope for now when it concerns Chelsea I am not a Chelsea fan but this is too much to be sincere

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