Breaking: Chelsea FC bank accounts have been frozen; Details

Following the recent sanction on Roman Abramovich by the United Kingdom government regarding his decision to sell off the West London, the club official accounts have been frozen.

Other sanctions given to the club includes no new contract signing and transfer of players and official store closed down by the UK government.

Sources at the club have warned that, despite the licence, several of the club’s corporate accounts, including credit cards, have been frozen because banks are being “risk-averse”.

Would this be the end of a new beginning for the West London giants? Let’s watch and see.


  1. The government is just being biased, their reasons yet to be known. It is devilish, I mean their stands on this Abramovish and Chelsea issue. No one is talking about all the atrocities they have been committing in Africa yet they have the guts to complain about another people’s mistakes or people who are only trying to defend themselves. It is all rubbish.

  2. I think it’s time the board go ahead and live the league for them to play and enjoy it only by themselves let them call it whatever they want but to me any kind of protest by Chelsea board and fans is 100% justified

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