Breaking: Chelsea official Jersey sponsors [3] suspend £120m shirt contractand £600k per game after UK sanctions Roman Abramovich

The West London official Jersey sponsors [3] following the recent sanction by the United Kingdom government on Abramovich have suspended their contract with the blues worth £120m and £600,000 per game.

This suspension is one of the major effects of the sanction given to the club owned by the UK government over his decision to sell the club.

Recall that the Russian billionaire placed a £3billion bid in the club and since then over 300 buyers have shown up with only 10 or lesser potential buy including the British billionaire and top core Chelsea fans.

On a statement made the [3] officially, they stated that;

In line with the UK government’s recent announcement regarding Chelsea, we have requested Chelsea FC to temporarily suspend our sponsorship of the club which includes the removal of our brand around Stamford Bridge until further notice.

Would they play tonight’s match against Norwich City with the [3] Jersey? Let’s watch and see how it goes.

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