Tuchel has confirmed he wants to stay at Chelsea despite what is happening

Tuchel has confirmed he wants to stay at Chelsea despite what is happening.

Thomas Tuchel has the clubs future at heart and not long before he confirmed his future is with Chelsea where he has made a stance addressing the fact that he wants to remain in Chelsea.

As a lot of people do know this is no longer news and the fact that this is happening in Chelsea does not mean everyone should desert the club and run away and Tuchels stance just further explains that.

He said;

“We had a briefing here the day after the match from Petr [Cech], who gave everyone here in the building, including the players, a quick brief and explained the situation. It wasn’t too much that we didn’t already know so we have to live with this situation,”

“It doesn’t make sense to worry too much because we don’t have a lot of influence, if any influence at all.”

“I will not comment on speculation about that [Marina’s future]. My communication with Petr and Marina has been excellent from day one,” he said.

“Hopefully it stays on the same level with the same person, but if not we will have to adapt.

“I have the opposite problem of staying here. Chelsea, from my point of view, is the perfect fit and I love to be here. Hopefully, it continues.

“There is uncertainty but isn’t it always as a football manager? So I have trained to live with it at different levels and this is quite the level. But I am positive and I hope things will end well.”

This is a strong statement coming from Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel.