Salah Speaks after finishing 7th in Ballon d’Or Rankings; Cites Inaccurate Choices

Salah Speaks after finishing 7th in Ballon d’Or Rankings; Cites Inaccurate Choices.

No one can argue the level of top form Salah has been for Liverpool in a while now and in fact e is just on fire this season, leading in the EPL goals for the season, scored many decisive games and also raised his standards of play with his country as he took them to AFCON finals although they did not win but he is doing all these and we should give him some credit.

Now one thing I find also difficult to believe is how he managed to finish in the 7th place in the Ballon d’OR rankings with many players he is far better than finishing up ahead of him.

This again raises the question which metrics do French football use to rank players for Ballon d’OR?

Salah was really upset as he called this action Inaccurate Choices which does not seem like a lie to me personally as he should be in one of the first four people if we should go by individual play.

At least for this season alone.

Here is what he has to say;

“It shocked me [not doing better in Ballon d’Or voting], but there’s nothing I can say. No-one in the world expected that I would be seventh, but that’s what happened.

“I do not feel the conspiracy theory, but there may be inaccurate choices, and there are many countries which aren’t popular with football knowledge and so far from it.

“I do not know their choices based on what, but I do not believe in the conspiracy theory.

“I don’t have the feeling that there is anything personal against me specifically in the FIFA choices, but this is the reality we are dealing with.”