Just In: Abramovich sent an open letter to Chelsea new owner regarding decision to sell

The Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich has agreed on selling the club after heading the club for almost 19 years.

According to the open letter which the Chelsea boss made, he started that he didn’t dream of writing this this year or anytime soon, thou what has happened in the past seven days is shouldn’t be taken for granted.

To the best Chelsea owner, it is highly important to appreciate what you’re able to gian access to most importantly, you owe your supporters both emotional and moral responsibility.

You are 100% in debited to them and not I Roman Abramovich because without them they will be no Stamford Bridge no the blues in general.

They have been traveling home and away counting down from 1970s till today.

Without them, there will be no Chelsea FC for I Roman Abramovich won’t have the blues to purchase back then in 2003.