Just In: Abramovich bid to sell Chelsea will create new transfer window

The Russian billionaire decision to sell Chelsea will create massive transfer window for Chelsea than we all expected.

For some years now, some good fans have been on a particular question which is “how will the club be without be headed by Abramovich”

Some of the worry question that have been trending in online for year’s now is whether the club will still remain among the European elites and also will there still be more trophy if Abramovich decides to step down or sell Chelsea FC.

Lol! We believe that the club fans and supporters will be cleared in month ahead maybe after Abramovich must have succeeded with his already arranged plans.

Abramovich confirmed that the main reason why he put Chelsea up for sell is as a result of current invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

According to the Chelsea boss, the club sale will take due procedure and won’t be fast tracked in any means.

Normally, if a new owner/boss emerges, he or may not like to work with some already existing players in the club meaning that more new transfer will be made once the deal is sealed