Here is what Cech Told Tuchel & Chelsea Squad at Cobham After Abramovich Decision

Here is what Cech Told Tuchel & Chelsea Squad at Cobham After Abramovich Decision.

Thoman Tuchel has taken to explain what Cech told him and the Chelsea squad at Cobham After Abramovich Decision to sell the club.

We published a part of the statement here but this is the full address by Petr Cech.

Here is Petr Cechs Briefing from Tuchel

“We had a briefing from Petr after the match,” revealed Tuchel.

“He gave everyone in the building a quick brief, explained the situation. Not too much what we did not already know. We have to live in this situation. It does not make sense to worry too much because we don’t have a lot of influence, not to say no influence at all. That was the bottom line. 

“We are allowed to focus on football and do the best to focus on football. It was not only the team, it was the complete staff. This is what we try to do anyway, to create an atmosphere where you feel safe once you enter the building, where you feel calm because we do this on a daily basis. This can help now to deal with the situation. 

“There is uncertainty of course, with all humans – 100 people in the building, everybody will feel different about it. Some will feel scared, some excited, some will feel sad. I think everything is allowed for every individual but we can and should allow ourselves to focus on what we love the most and this is football and to perform the best way possible. 

“What makes me very positive is that we did twice in these circumstances against Liverpool and against Luton Town. Very focused, very good performances. The organisation was like always, spot on. This makes me very positive that we are able to compete tomorrow. This is also what we demand from ourselves.”