Chelsea; Marina Finally Speaks on the Only Way to Preventing her from Leaving Chelsea

Chelsea Sport director has broken her silence and came out to announce her pending resignation as Chelsea Sporting director.

This is coming as a shock to many as it came simultaneously with the Chelsea owners decision to sell the club, although it has been quite a difficult time for Chelsea fans to see their owner of up to 20 years just depart the club but this last news is coming as an additional shock to the fans.

Chelsea as a football club are in a mixed situation where the owner is a Russian and as we all know the world are standing up against Russian undemocratic war against Ukraine.

How does that concern Chelsea?

Well Abrahamovic was a former Russian Governor an is a very close friend to Putin. So the only way to punish putin without going aggressively on a war with Russia is to punish them from the outside.

Well note that this is not a political article.

Now back to the way Chelsea could retain marina as their sporting director.

She made it known that should the football club be sold she would step down from her role as the club sporting director.

So technically the only way she would remain Chelsea sporting director is if Roman Abrahamovic does not sell the football club to a new owner.

Chelsea is currently said to cost the sum of 2.5 billion euros to any prospective buyer of the football club minus the written off debt of 1.2 billion euros.