Ronald Koeman opens up about his sack from Barcelona

Ronald Koeman opens up about his sack from Barcelona.

The former Barcelona Coach Ronald Koeman has recently opened up about his feelings after getting sacked by Barcelona and this will be recalled to be the first time he is say9ng this to the media ever since he is sacked.

But not just about saying it to the media but this is actually the first time he is ever talking about it.

He cites the fact that he was never given the ki9nd of time Xavi who is the current coach of the Catalans was given to perform very well for the club.

Here is what he said;

“You won’t see me at the Camp Nou for a while, I can’t do that yet. With this president I can’t pretend nothing happened.

“They didn’t give me the time they have given to the new coach, Xavi.

“It is still painful for me. I was working with a lot of injured players. Now Pedri is back to fitness, and Ousmane Dembele – you can see everything falling into place.”