This is how long Man UTD Must wait to win a trophy; According to Rio Ferdinand

This is how long Man UTD Must wait to win a trophy; According to Rio Ferdinand.

It has been over five years Man UTD won any trophy last and according to people the fault is from Cristiano Ronaldo leaving behind the fact that he was never there even before this whole mess started.

It is not a news that Ronaldo was brought back to the club to help them win trophies but the selfishness of Man UTD players will not allow for this to happen and this is yet ano9ther issue they are facing.

With our report on how Fernandes selfishly kept the ball instead of dropping a pass making the rounds, Rio Ferdinand has stepped in to tell Man UTD how long they will actually have to wait to lift a trophy.

The Man UTD legend has been offering his insights in football and things close to it for a long time now and we do not believe this his prediction to be wrong or out of the ordinary.

Here is what Ferdinand said about Man UTD winning a trophy

“The problem I have is that Ralf has come in but then you’re going to have to change it again for someone else’s style of football. It’s then going to be another upheaval, new style to implement and players understanding that,” 

“I think personally United have got to write off the next year or two in terms of trophies, minimum – say: ‘we’re going to rebuild what we have, get our recruitment right and there is a certain style of play under this new manager that we are going to go with and he is going to have time to get it all right. There are going to be mistakes, a few things that go wrong but we are going to stick with this guy and give him a minimum of two years to work it out’ and see the progress and that development happen.

“It’s going to take that long, and you can’t have that transition and win. It doesn’t happen. Liverpool didn’t do it. How long did it take Klopp to win? You have to take a leaf out of other team’s books. Sometimes you’ve got to humble yourself and take stock and say in reality, that is where we are at.

“The hype of those signings hyped me up, hyped all the United fan base up but reality has to come and bite and you’ve got to sit back and say where are we really at?

“United aren’t in a place to win and challenge for trophies, that’s it – the big trophies, Champions League and Premier League.

“I just feel that sometimes you have to accept where you are. Man United have lived off past successes for too long. This isn’t the Man United of 12-15 years ago. Man United historically should be challenging but where they are now, no.”

And there you have it from the Man UTD Legend.