Barcelona Could be Set to offer Ousmane Dembele new short-term deal?

Barcelona Set to offer Ousmane Dembele new short-term deal?

Dembele has just found a way to get himself back on track in Barcelona and also started gaining the spotlight after a long time of being out of both in Barcelona.

After scoring and making a crucial assist in Barcelona 4:0 win over Athletic on Sunday, he is all but disappointed with his performance.

This display from the French international has caused a new speculation over his future with Diario Sports reporting that Barcelona could offer him a new two year contract.

The report goes ahead to say that The club are “contemplating offering him a short-term contract” and give the reason for the move as “so that his camp feel more comfortable.”

But before this could happen, Barcelona will also have their demands which is…

Barcelona will also “demand that the player’s agent takes a step forward before talks restart by removing his demands for a big signing on fee” and the truth is no one knows how this will go with Dembeles agent Moussa Sissoko.

Dembele has also reiterated to Xavis his desire to stay and the club think a lack of offers and the fact that Barca are playing well again may also be the reason behind his talks about staying at the Nou Camp.

That said, it is not yet vey clear what will be happening with Dembele but Barcelona seems to think that if they can get the forward to lower his salary demands then there is a chance he could continue with the Spanish Giants.