Barcelona are set to create their own cryptocurrency; You May Want to Buy in. Details

Barcelona are set to create their own cryptocurrency; You May Want to Buy in. Details.

Barcelona are set to create their own crypto currency and launch a range of Non-Fungible Tokens, president Joan Laporta reveals, as the club look for new ways of making revenue after financial crisis.

It i no longer news that Barcelona fell into some serious financial problems and they are looking for ways to get the better of their finances, they have sold players and given players pay cut and all ad these steps have helped them cut down on their debt but this hasn’t erased them completely and as such, they are set to launch their own crypto currency as a means to make income for the club to also service their debt and maybe grow far from there.

Laporta spoke in the mobile world congress in Barcelona and outlined his sprawling vision and insisted that it was important for them to be imaginative.

He said; ‘We’re developing our own metaverse, [which is why] we rejected the chance to be associated with any cryptocurrency enterprises,’

‘We want to create our own cryptocurrency and we have to do that ourselves. We are different because we survive financially from what we can generate through the industry of sport.

‘We do not have big corporations or shareholders behind us. That forces us to be imaginative, innovative, brave and be a step ahead in many areas that surround the sports industry.’

Barca have admitted to a hefty debts of 1 Billion Euros shortly after Laporta took charge as the president and they have proceeded to sell a number of players with the likes of Messi to enable them cut down on wages.

Since this happened Barca has been on the lookout to strengthen their financial status and hope introducing new digital elements specific to them will help them with this.

Laporta Added; ‘It’s something we can share with our fans around the world – around 300 million of them,’

‘I could announce something else, but I have to be prudent because it’s confidential still.

‘The players know what we’re working on, that this is a modern club that makes use of new media. There are clauses in their contracts related to the NFT world and the metaverse.

‘We want to generate new opportunities for growth. Our goal is to win titles and to make our fans happy, but we also have to profit from opportunities in the sports industry.

‘It is a matter of survival.’