[EFP] Chelsea boss, Thomas Tuchel makes weird claims after Liverpool defeated Chelsea at the Carabao Cup final

Thomas Tuchel has acknowledged Liverpool as the best attacking side in the whole of Europe after a penalty win against Chelsea FC at the Carabao Cup finals yesterday.

Thou Chelsea FC was left disappointed after the referee disallowed an extra-time goal scored by the Chelsea striker, Romelu Lukaku.

Liverpool took the lead by 11 -10 at the penalty shootout with substitute Kepa who missed the penalty kick by placing the ball above the goal post after Edouard Mendy was substituted at the end of extra time.

Chelsea player, Joel Matip scored a goal which was later disallowed in normal time after Mendy has misjudged the flight of the ball.

Lukaku’s goal was among the three goals that were ruled out over the 120 minutes of the game.

Thomas Tuchel praised Liverpool after the final whistle but was a bit disappointed why Lukaku’s goal wasn’t recorded as a win.