Manchester United’s match with Watford is not being broadcast on TV in the UK; Here is Why

Manchester United’s match with Watford is not being broadcast on TV in the UK; Here is Why.

This does it mean you will not be able to watch this match if you are a DSTV user, but for people in the UK they may not be able to watch this match on their screens and here is the reason why.

It is good to have Man UTD back to action again this week in the EPL but the match has not been selected for TV coverage by Sky Sports or BT Sports.

You might be wondering why this is so, well lets walk you through the reason why…

It is worthy to not that Sky Sports and BT make their selections for TV matches even before the time and in the televised matches for Feb. 2022 were announced on Dec, 14 2021, the broadcasters decided to leave the clash between Watford and Man UTD as a rare 3pm kickoff on a Saturday.

In January 2022, the slight 1:0 win over West Ham was the Last 3pm Saturday start for Man UTD till now.

Still, before then, The last time Man UTD played in the Timeslot was actually reverse fixture at Vicarage Road in November.

In case you forgot that was the match that had Ole Gunner Solkajer loosing his job to a 4:1 defeat and Maguire was sent off too.

Now lets get to why cant 3pm matches be shown on TV

The English football adheres to a blackout in terns of televised football between 2.45pm and 5.15pm which simply means that no game can be shown live on English television during those hours. The aim of this is to protect the attendance of teams lower down the pyramid who kick off at 3pm so to speak.

This is to help increase the revenue of the clubs who are having a very tough time staying afloat during the pandemic.

It is equally a good idea to not that pother countries in Europe do not have this blackout as their other teams do not start their kick offs at the same time as the vast majority of their top flight matches.

England and Scotland are broadly unique in that regard and one possible solution to this issue in the future might be to remove the EPL matches from the 3pm slot to suit the television audiences and lower the league clubs.