Roy Keane Advices Man Utd to go get a manager who “doesn’t mess around”

Roy Keane Advices Man Utd to go get a manager who “doesn’t mess around”.

The latest pattern of Play when if concerns Man UTD is s topic for discussion by many people and also former players ad legends of the club too.

This is no different from how Roy Keane feels about the pattern of play at United and also offered what they need to get in a manager in a long tweet.

Here are his tweets;

“You go and get the manager you want,” Keane told the Overlap Live event in Manchester last week.

“You should go and get the right manager you think is right for your club.

“People say ‘oh, somebody’s tied up with a club’. But if you really want a manager – and that’s what it’s like when you really want a player – you go and get him.

“Never mind making excuses saying he’s not available for two years.

“You pay fortunes for players, so why not a manager?

“I don’t care who’s under contract; if you think he’s the right manager for Manchester United, well you go and get him.

“You go and pay the money whoever it might be. They’ve got to go and get the right manager.”

Keane added: “Maybe Simeone, he’s the right kind of character.

“He’s having a difficult spell with Atletico. His race has maybe run with them.

“Simone, go and get him, he’s a big character.

“He’s done great things. He’s a great character, a big personality. He doesn’t mess around with players. Maybe someone like him coming into the club, could work.

“It can soon change. I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom, there’s still good things going on at United, but they’ve got to get the manager.

“If the manager is not right, then the rest will just fall apart.’

United have had three permanent managers since Ferguson retired at the end of the 2013 and, more recently, Ralf Rangnick was appointed as interim boss with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ’s permanent successor likely to be unveiled in the summer.

“Going to back when they brought David Moyes in, his contract was up at Everton,” reflected Keane.

“[Then] they brought in [Louis] Van Gaal, who was available, he didn’t cost anything.

“Then they got [Jose] Mourinho, he was also available and was pretty straightforward with his club.

“But it’s as if United won’t go and prize a top manager away from a club.

“The great managers are gamblers. Sir Alex Ferguson was one of them and so was Brian Clough.

“The great managers try and win football matches, they don’t settle for draws.”

“You can’t afford to put an inferior manager in against Pep [Guardiola] or [Jurgen] Klopp because they’ll get beat up.

“Even if you throw all the money in the world at them, it will still be a struggle. And the money they have spent is unbelievable.

“They have to get it right this time!”