Pogba Privatey Admits to joining PSG Ahead of Summer Transfer Decision

Pogba Privately Admits to joining PSG Ahead of Summer Transfer Decision.

It is no longer any news that Pogba was linked with a move to Spain Capital but that did not later go too well. So this coming transfer window can be a good avenue to make his move as his contract will be expiring in June ahead of the summer transfer window.

Nicolas Anelka who is an ex Chelsea striker has disclosed that in a discussion wit Pogba about his hotly debated future had him mull over a move to French Capital given the fact that he has flirted with a move to Real Madrid in the past.

“I know Paul, I played with him at Juventus, and it’s amazing what he can do with the ball,” Anelka told RMC Sport, via Metro.

“Unfortunately, when he arrives in Manchester, they are not a big team. They are a team that has to rebuild themselves, they are looking for its game plan, they are looking for a coach.

“It’s been very difficult for him since he came back. He’s been criticized a lot. It’s not the best club where he can have fun and show his talent.

“I think PSG would be great for him. Some say it wouldn’t be good for Paris, because he’s supposedly often injured. But I think his injuries are due to his life in Manchester, because he’s not psychologically well.”

When Pogba was asked if a move to France was on his cads here is his response “I discussed this six months ago with him and he would not be against coming to PSG.

“If he comes, we will forget all the injuries and we will see that he is a top player.”

It will now be left for us to see if he makes any move in this coming transfer window or he will just renew his contract, let him decide.