Lukaku Feels Trapped; Wants to Leave Tuchels Cage as Soon as Possible

Lukaku Feels Trapped; Wants to Leave Tuchels Cage as Soon as Possible.

In many multiple occasions we have seen Lukaku have an outburst that he is not liking the tactics Tuchel is using and in general he is not just happy about the way things are going at Chelsea and he wants out.

Lukaku is in no way happy about things and he is proposing leaving ASAP.

Many Elites whom have played in the EPL believe that Chelsea made a mistake signing Lukaku back to the club as he has not had any effect on the club either ways.

One of such persons is Thierry Henry of Arsenal and he has this to say;

Henry told CBS: “Right from the start I raised a question to myself, would he fit into this team?

“As a coach when you go and get Lukaku, you will have to make him adapt to how you play, or you change your way to suit him. I didn’t think that would happen.

“For Rom to adapt to the way Chelsea play, it takes time, it’s not an easy one.

“Is it normal that he only has seven touches [against Crystal Palace]? No, that’s also not normal, regardless if the coach likes you or not. That shouldn’t happen.

“They need to move forward on that but it’s a tough one to read. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know how that happens in 90 minutes. But what’s the solution?

“The solution is for him to find a solution to make sure he can adapt to the way they play.

“They like to press, to be active and to change the front three. He likes to stay in the middle so it makes it very difficult for him to adapt to the situation.

“But again, why did you go and get him?”

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