EPL Giants ready to end sponsorship deal worth £40m after Russia declares war on Ukraine

EPL Giants ready to end sponsorship deal worth £40m after Russia declares war on Ukraine.

Manchester United in solidarity with sadness over the recent war declared on Ukraine by Russia is about to take a very drastic move.

Man UTD are looking to end their sponsorship agreement with Russia airline Aeroflot as a result of the growing tension and crisis in the Ukraine.

The EPL giants have decided to take a distance from the firm which is as a result of the unrest created by Russia army invading Ukraine.

Aeroflot have been one of the Man UTD sponsors since dated back to 2013 and United extended their agreement in  a 2017 deal which is reported to worth over 40 Million Pounds.

This recent agreement is set to run till the summer of 2023 before it actually runs out and the Man UTD new CEO has no intentions of renewing it further.

The Man UTD squad flew into Spain this week on an alternative airline Titan for their Champions league brawl with Atletico Madrid.

This means that Man UTD will be looking to agree a new deal with another airline for them to be the official carriers of the club team members and staffs ad Qatar Airways is one option that is being considered.

The initial official airline for Man UTD Aeroflot is the national airline of Russia and it flies to 146 destinations across 52 countries.

But this could not be quantified with the amount of damage that will be done to the clubs reputation if they keep using this same airline.

Again, if the United States Government decide to issue sanctions against Russian companies, including banning Aeroflot fro entering the country, it would leave United’s American Owner Glazers facing serious consequences unless the agreement with the airline is ended.

Earlier this week, it was revealed how UEFA could be forced to switch the venue of this seasons Champions League Finals from St Petersburg to an alternative city, due to the increasing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.