Here is why Lukaku shouted at Christian Pulisic and what Tuchel Said at full-time

Why Romelu Here is why Lukaku shouted at Christian Pulisic and what Tuchel did at full-time.

We initially reported that Lukaku was very awful in their clash with Crystal Palace as they managed to get a single goal win past them but this does not come with a price.

Now here is why Lukaku shouted at Pulisic

Early in the second period, rather than take the option to play Romelu Lukaku through the inside, Pulisic opted to slow the play and head around the outside and as the play broke down for the Blues, Lukaku was quick to show how unhappy he was

It’s perhaps unsurprising the Belgian was quick to show his anger given how few and far between his opportunities were. Chelsea only recorded three shots on target in total, while Lukaku barely touched the ball.

Opta reported that the 28-year-old recorded just seven touches against the Eagles, which is the fewest in a Premier League match for a player that completed in excess of 90 minutes since 2003/04 (when the data is available from).

Two of those touches were in the first half when Lukaku initiated the kick off.

Tuchel said

“I’m not so sure if I have a good answer. I don’t know what it says. It says he was obviously not involved and could not make a point today. I am not sure if it says so much about us in general.”