Here are The Favorite Teams to Be Relegated in EPL This Season; Full List

Here are The Favorite Teams to Be Relegated in EPL This Season; Full List.

As the EPL race is almost coming to an end, there are many EPL clubs which have not impressed in any way and they are among the favorites to end up in the bottom table and probably head for a relegation.

Although many of the teams below have tried to find their way up, there are some which are still loosing matches without any hopes of getting ahead of their opponents as far as we are concerned for now.

Lets look at these teams ad what position they are a we write.

Norwich City

They could easily face relegation as they are almost in the last position of the EPL table and they lost their last match to Liverpool.

Newcastle United

Although winning their last match, they do not look too good owing to the fact about how competitive other EPL teams are and what they are going to go up against, they could be among the relegation teams this season.


They have also slipped into the bottom of the EPL table in the bottom three and after a long match they have yet to impress and prove the are not actually a relegation material, so good luck to them as they seek to find their feet.


Winning their last match is not enough to guarantee their position in a place out of the relegation zone which means they need to do more than just win one match.

Leeds United

After what should be considered as a master class display against Manchester United, Leeds have failed to grab a win and this is not looking so good for them.