Martin Odegaards Recent Claims Got everyone by Surprise; No One Saw this Coming

Martin Odegaard has stated that the club is producing something extraordinary as many of the fans are worried Arsenal isn’t just doing so well this season but this man has something else to say about the whole scenario.

“I think we’re a very, very fascinating group: a lot of young players, and a lot of eager players,” the midfielder told the club’s official website.

“With all of the players and staff here, I feel like we’re creating something unique.”

“What we’re trying to do is incredibly exciting, and I’m thrilled with the scenario. I’m happy to be a part of the squad, and hopefully we can continue to improve and become better each game.” After that, we’ll see where it leads.”

The Gunners boast the Premier League’s youngest roster, but they have outperformed expectations in terms of being in contention for a top-four finish thus early in the season. Odegaard stated that something is now being worked out.

“Being around players in the same circumstance [in terms of age] helps me,” he added.

“Even though I’m still young, I’ve gone through a lot.” I’m no longer the youngest player on this team, and I’ve gained some experience that I can put to good use by assisting the other young guys.

“We’re a fantastic group; we have a lot of tremendous young talents as well as some more seasoned players; I think the mix is good, and the team is really hungry.” It’s great to be a part of the group.”