Here is What Aguero will be Doing For Argentina in the Qatar Word Cup 2022

Here is What Aguero will be Doing For Argentina in the Qatar Word Cup 2022.

Following his retirement from football, it could be possible Aguero will not be going for the 2022 world cup in Qatar but ALAS he is going and from his own account, he will not be going as a footballer but as something else.

Obviously he will not be playing but he has an important role to play for the teams success and he just highlighted them in a few words as explained below.

In a nutshell, he said he will be present there to help motivate his team and give them his support as much as he can, and this is quite the definition of humanity.

Here is what Aguero will be doing in Qatar 2022 World Cup

“I am going to the Qatar World Cup,” Aguero told Radio 10. “This week we are going to have a meeting. I want to be there. There is the idea of ​​joining the coaching staff, I spoke with Scaloni and also with Chiqui Tapia. We have to try it, give it a spin.”

The forward admitted that it could well be an odd experience sitting on the opposite side of the fence after playing in three World Cups, adding: “I want to be there, but what happens? The reality is that if I go to the World Cup I’m going to be with the boys, I’m going to go to training.

“That’s not a problem. Clearly I’m going to be there, I’m going to go. If it’s not with the national team, I’m going to go and I’m going to be with the boys. But I’m going to go a little bit to motivate them.”