Super Eagles Legend Seen Driving a Taxi Explains Reason Behind his Decision

Super Eagles Legend Seen Driving a Taxi Explains Reason Behind his Decision.

Kingsley Obiekwu a former Super Eagles Player was seen driving a taxi as a Taxi driver and many Nigerians were pained by this sight and some have come to hid aid such as Ahmed Musa a current Super Eagles player.

Its not a sight we have not seen with football stars in the past but we believe this is the reason why they get faced with such predicaments; they live extravagant lifestyle while playing football with no actual savings to back them up for the rainy days but perhaps the case of Kingsley Obiekwu could be quite a whole different reason for this to have happened to him.

Lets find out why he has chosen to become a taxi driver after such a level in his professional football career.

Kingsley Obiekwu recorded his name in the history books of Nigerian football when he won goal medal in soccer at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

After retiring from football, the former Enugu Rangers’ star decided to move into coaching, but things were hard for him as none of the biggest Nigerian clubs came for his service.

And recently, the news of his ordeal got to Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa who then dropped the sum of N2 million to support the former Nigerian player.

According to the report on GOAL, Kingsley Obiekwu confirmed that he got the money from Ahmed Musa stressing that he had no choice than to become a driver.

Kingsley Obiekwu’s reaction

“The story is absolutely true, there is no lie about it. I had to open up on my situation to people because I needed help.

“It was not an easy thing to do, but I had to summon very great courage because things are very tough.

“The club I manage is Ingas and we play in NLO 1, we don’t train every day – we train Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m always free and I use those days to go for my transport business.”

How many games did Kingsley Obiekwu play for the Super Eagles?

Between the year 1996-1999, Kingsley Obiekwu played eight games for the Super Eagles of Nigeria without scoring any goal.