Ighalo’s Reveals Reason Behind Building an Orphanage estimated £1million

Ighalo’s Reveals Reason Behind Building an Orphanage estimated £1million.

The Ex Man UTD Ace Odion Ighalo has never held back when it comes to his love about giving back to the community that bred him.

Odion Ighalo

He has once again shown how generous he is as he has built an orphanage in Lagos that looks after the kids fro  Humble backgrounds.

The orphanage which is located in Lagos, Nigeria, is estimated to cost around 500 million naira and is situated in Ijegun, Lagos state.

According to Ighalo Foundation Homes, The Orphanage was founded and fueled Ighalo’s desire to make a difference in the lives of those who have had rough starts in life.

Ighalo had vowed to give back to society if he eventually became successful and now the striker has kept to his words.

“Life was tough growing up in Ajegunle and I vowed that if I eventually had a breakthrough, I’ll give back to the society that made me.

“Life’s challenges were hard enough even with both parents at my side.

“It goes without saying that orphans have it even worse and it gladdens my heart that life has offered me this rare privilege to be guiding light in their life.”

Ighalo who left Nigeria when he was just 17, revealed his orphanage will accept children and take proper care of them in academic studies and sports until they turn 18.

The orphanage currently houses boys and girls totaling close to 40 children in separate apartments and the striker disclosed he still has more to give to his community.

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