Arsenal May drop Out of the Top Four Race According to Rio Ferdnand; Here is why.

Arsenal May drop Out of the Top Four Race According to Rio Ferdinand; Here is why.

According to the Man UTD legend, Rio Ferdinand, Artertas decision about the Arsenal striker Aubameyang may cost the club their champions league dreams by not qualifying for the champions league.

Arsenal are only one point behind the fourth positions West Ham United but Arteta side are in good shape with two premier league games still remaining.

A win against Wolves by the Arsenal team gave them a heads front against their hopes of not finishing in the top four but we just hope they continue winni9ng their matches.

Ferdinand has told BT Sports that cancelling Aubameyangs contract without replacing him with a very good striker too may jeopardize Arsenals chance of qualifying for the Champions League.

“Goals,” he said. Aubameyang has left, not because he was banging them in when he was there, but because he was the captain and a significant player. They haven’t demonstrated anything that will persuade you that they’ll be consistent enough to make the top four.”

Could anyone Blame Arteta?

well, if Arsenal happened not to qualify for the Champions league he could get queried and even before Aubameyang left, Arsenal already needed a replacement striker and as such offloading one of their most significant striker to the Catalans and not replacing him immediately is a very big risk of choice which is believed to be potential haunting vice for him in time to come.

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