Npower Update Today 18th August 2021; No Issue With N-power Stream 2

Npower Update Today 18th August 2021; There is No Issue With N-power Stream 2 claimed a source online and this screams hope for the intending N-power aspirants.

Just this evening an update making the rounds on Nairaland featured a topic which is Npower Update Today; 18th August 2021; No Issue With N-power Stream 2.

A lot of people have started to panic but this just gave hope to these set of people and will make them be calm while waiting for further updates to follow sooner.

The statement reads;

Lots of N-Power Batch C applicants have been asking this question if there is an issue with N-Power stream 2 or if there will even be an N-Power stream 2.

The answer is an emphatic yes, remember the Federal Government increased the number of N-Power Batch C Volunteers from 500,000 N-Power Batch C Volunteers to 1,000,000 N-Power Batch C Volunteers which was captured in the budget.

The N-Power Batch C2, that is N-Power Stream 2 will commence after the onboarding of the N-Power Batch C1, that is the N-Power stream 1.

All N-Power Batch C applicants not captured in the first batch will definitely be captured in the second batch.

The date for the commencement of the N-Power Batch C2, has not been disclosed, but all N-Power Batch C applicants awaiting the next batch should always check their N-Power NASIMS portal for updates.

Although this post was met with mixed reactions from people and we all understand why as man Nigerians are just upset about everything. Here is the screenshot of their comments on Nairaland;

Npower Update Today 18th August 2021

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